What we offer


Bio-based process oils

Pharmaceutical bio-based process oils
Technical, bio-based process oils

Mineral oil specialities

Manufacturing oils
Process oils
Spindle oils
Technical yellow petroleum jelly (Vaseline)
Technical white petroleum jelly (Vaseline)
Technical white oils
Extender oils

Pharmaceutical and cosmetic raw materials

Gelling agents
Glycerine Ph. Eur.
Medium-chain triglycerides
Oil gels

Pharmaceutical yellow petroleum jelly (Vaseline)
Pharmaceutical white petroleum jelly (Vaseline)
Pharmaceutical white oils
Ointment, cream, lotion bases
Thickening agents
Wool wax alcohol ointment

Paraffins and waxes

Fischer–Tropsch waxes
Paraffin waxes

Fragrance oils

Fragrance oils for cosmetics
Fragrance oils for cleaning and care products

Peppermint oil and flavours

Peppermint oils for cosmetics and foodstuffs
Flavours for pharmacy and cosmetics

Essential oils

Conventional essential oils
Federal Motor Transport Authority (kbA) approved

Dyes and extracts

Dyes for chemistry, pharmacy and cosmetics
Extracts for chemistry, pharmacy and cosmetics